Tábor - a historic town

Tábor - historic town



- a historic town with a Hussite past

Tábor is a South-Bohemian town with a rich history and many places of interest.

It is closely connected with the Hussite movement and its famous representatives - namely Jan Žižka of Trocnov, a co-founder of the Hussite town. 

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"In the place of an old settlement a castle and a town called Hradiště were built in the 13th century.

Radical Hussites - followers and supporters of the teaching of the Catholic Church reformer Master Jan Hus - took advantage of the strategic location of the town and brought the rest of the inhabitants from the nearby town of Sezimovo Ústí, which had been destroyed, to the place of the former Hradiště. 

In 1420 they established a military town Tábor from which Tábor captains organised and led their troops on victorious campaings. Tábor was established in an extremely good location, in the south protected by the River Lužnice and its tributary Tismenický Stream, both of which flow in deep, steep valleys. Where natural features did not fulfil the protective function, an ingenious system of town fortification was built, and thus the town became famous for its uncounquerability. 

Socha Jana Žižky z Trocnova na Žižkově náměstí v Táboře

The statue of Jan Žižka of Trocnov (The Žižka Square) 

After the radical Hussites were defeated in the Battle of Lipany, Tábor reconciled with emperor Sigismund and in 1437 Tábor was promoted to a royal town. Over the centuries the town has undergone a number of construction changes, howerver, it has retained its medieval features. The historical centre has become a Municipal Reserve thanks to the number of surviving buildings and their layout. 

Tábor - a historic town

Žižka Square with Information Centre 

The best way to get to know the places of interest in Tábor is to follow the sightseeing route which starts in Žižka Square (the route in not marked). First, visit the Hussite Museum where you can learn about the history of the town, the history of the Czech reformation and Hussite traditions. From the museum you can also descend into medieval tunnels which were formed after cellars of individual burgher houses were interconnected. The crooked and narrow streets of the old town will bring you to the Kontov Tower which is the only surviving part of the town castle. The longer route will take you along the forested bank of the River Lužnice, past Garnet Rock to Lake Jordán which was built in 1492 as a drinking water reservoir for the town. However, nowadays it is used mostly for free time activities. North-west of the city center, on a steep hill (off the sightseeing route) stands the impressive building of a Baroque church and monastery at Klokoty - a famous pilgrimage point which you can reach on foot if you go down Holeček park to the valley of Tismenický Stream and then up along the statons of the Cross. 

Klokoty, Tábor

The Baroque church and monastery at Klokoty 

Thanks to extensive building activity, Tábor has become a modern and important town. 

The conurbation of Tábor, Sezimovo Ústí and Planá nad Lužnicí represents the second largest concentration of people and industry in South Bohemia. Tábor, with its 37 thousand inhabitants, is the second largest town in the region. There is a theatre, a cinema, a museum, several galleries and exhibition halls, an ice-hockey stadium, a swimming pool with a fun park, a hospital, a detached department of South Bohemian University specialised in tourism, and 12 secondary schools. 

Tábor is also famous for some important sporting events. Every year it hosts the Cyclocross World cup and an important triathlon competition. An international cycle route called "Greenways Prague - Vienna" runs through the town and there is a number of local cycle routes and nature trails as well." 

This information is from The promotional material (was published by The Town of Tábor). 2009

Text: Lucie Hanousková

Translation of text: Eva Vybíralová

Photo (with text): Taťána Ješetová 

Kotnov a Bechyňská brána

The Kotnov and The Bechyňská Gate

 ("The oldest architectural monument in Tábor is a part of a former castle from the 13th century - the Kotnov Look-out Tower. The adjacent Bechňská Gate is home to a permanent exhibition called "Life and work in medieval society.") 

Pomník mistra Jana Husa

The memorial of Master Jan Hus (The Hus Square) 

Restaurace Černá Perla

The restaurant by Lake Jordán


Exchange office at Czech Rail station - Tábor

Tourist-info town Tabor

Infocentrum Město Tábor
Žižkovo náměstí 2
390 01 Tábor

Telephone number:
+420 381 486 230-4

Fax number:
+420 381 486 239


Web page:

Opening hours:

May - September

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 7:00 pm

Saturday, Sunday
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

October - April

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 4:00 pm 

  • Information on accomodation and catering services
  • Calendars of cultural events
  • Guided tours
  • Bus and train schedules
  • Sale of maps, postcards and souvenirs
  • Promotional materials about the city of Tábor
  • Bike shelter
  • Lending of audioguides
  • A branch of the information centre at the train station
  • Administrator of the Tábor Treasure exhibition
  • Acces to the internet

Important phone numbers

European emergency number 112

Ambulance 155

Police 158

Municipal police 156

Fire brigade 150

ÚAMK - help line for motorists 1230

ABA - nonstop emergency service for motorists 1240


Náměstí - Square

Lékárna - Pharmacy

Nemocnice - Hospital

Jordán - Lake Jordán

Divadlo - Theatre

Nádraží - Station

Kino - Cinema

Pošta - Post office

Holečkovy sady - The Holeček Park

Kaple - Chapel

Střelnice - in Tábor it is cultural

Vodárenská věž - Drinking Water Tower

Husovo náměstí - The Hus Square

Žižkovo náměstí - The Žižka Square

Husitské museum - The Hussite Museum

Kotnov - The Kotnov Tower

Táborský poklad - The Treasure of Tábor

Táborské podzemí - The Tunnels of Tábor

Historické centrum - The Historic Centre

Botanická zahrada - The Botanic Garden

Klokoty - The Baroque church and monastery

Tismenický potok - Tismenický Stream

Granátová skála - Garnet Rock

Bechyňská brána - The Bechyňská Gate

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